Why Work for Us?



We are only as good as our employees: we invest in them.

We employ highly qualified, engaged professionals and staff, and recognize them as individuals with both personal and career goals. Our mission is to not only be the placement agency of choice for our professionals but also their career development center. We strive to build personal bonds with our candidates and truly understand where they would like their career to lead.


We provide superior service to our candidates and clients.

Emphasizing integrity, commitment, and excellence, we provide the highest quality of service. We have attained 100% Joint Commission compliance and will continue to raise the bar to develop the best practices in our industry. All of our professionals pass a rigorous certification process with a thorough background check, education verification, skills test and an in-depth interview before they are submitted for any position to ensure only the best qualified candidates are placed in positions.


We are leading innovators in our field.

We believe in working with you to help you achieve your career goals.  To us, Mediscan’s role is more than providing jobs.  By sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus with our professionals, we can a deep and collective strategy for helping our professionals achieve a fulfilling career.